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Amish Guys Don't Call - Young Adult Literature By Debby Dodds

Amish Guys Don't Call By Debby Dodds Book Cover

Amish Guys Don’t Call - Synopsis

What’s more awkward than finding out you’re dating a vampire or a werewolf? Finding out you’re dating an Amish guy.
That’s the dilemma facing Samantha Stonesong. After the acrimonious divorce of her parents and sudden move to Lancaster, PA with her self-involved mother, Sam thinks everything is finally going her way when she befriends Madison who helps her get accepted into the clique of the most popular girls in her junior class, The Sherpas, led by mean girl, Hillary. It’s only when she gets into the clique that she realizes it might be harder to be a part of this group than to be outside of it.
When Sam starts dating Zach, he seems too good to be true. He’s movie-star cute, two years older than she is, shares her love of horror movies. But she begins to suspect he might be a “player,” because he’s hard to get in touch with and acts suspiciously guarded. However, far from what Sam suspects, Zach was raised Amish and has chosen not to end his Rumspringa. He dreams of attending college, but the Amish are forbidden to attend school past the eighth grade. His decision to move into his own apartment to pursue an education initiates a shunning from his Old Order Amish family. Soon after, Sam’s new friends find out she’s been “dating Amish” and start cyber-bullying her by creating a fake Facebook page dedicated to shaming her for “dating Amish.” Sam reaches her breaking point.
In the end, Sam learns almost everyone has secrets that motivate their actions. Even mean girls. Even parents. And she no longer wants to keep her secrets hidden.

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